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TBT : Gyptian nous emmène en vacances avec All ON Me

Rédigé par Christ-Laur Phillips


Paroles All on Me de Gyptian

Oh me, oh my
What a girl sexy
What a girl fly
From the very first time
Stuck in a mi mind is like mi get high
When shi put it pon the left
And shi fling it pon the right
Mash up the whole a mi life
Mi seh mi haffi get another try
Cause tonight
She put her all on me
She is my love
This is all
I’m dreaming in to be
Put her all on me
This how wanna to be
This how I see
Put my all on you
This is how my love
This is how i see me and you
Put your all on me
This is how i want it
This is how i see you and me
On and on
Keep me call in like
On and on
I keep come and back
On and on
keep me call in like
On and on
I keep come and back
This is how my live to be

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